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Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson is the award-winning author of Hospital Hill and its companion novel, Shadows in the Ward. She is also the author of Behind the Walls, a volume on the history of insane asylums in institutions in New England. Kate is a special education teacher and architectural photographer who leads a lecture series on the history of mental illness and its treatment. She is currently hard at work on a number of asylum projects. She is also the owner of Otherwords Press, an independent publishing imprint representing authors from all over the world.


Kate lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband, her beagle, and a very feisty cat.

Cambridge, MA. April 19, 2018

Kameel Naser 


"Fascinating discussion with Kate Anderson, author of three books based on abandoned insane asylums. Kate has studied and photographed these grand institutions. She give a history of the ornate buildings--which housed 560,000 people in the 1950s--followed by massive de-institutionalization. Through her use of fiction, she describes mental health care through the ages"

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